Artisan of Ichor

Puppets of a Lich

Session 3

Just about to enter the cave, the party is stopped by a heavy tremor in the ground. A cacophony of unearthly screams filled their ears. Off to the south, a bright beam of light pierces the heavens. The screams stop. A deep, resounding laughter booms from the cave. The green light coming still glows bright. Only mildly faltering, the group tries to quietly enter the cave, until the Eladrin and Dragonborn clumsily alert the Necromancer to their presence. However, the Goliath still hides in the shadows.

A tall figure clad in a dark robe stands at the end of the cave. Arms raised and feeding sorcerous green lighting into a ball of light above a ritual circle. He slowly lowers his arms and turns around. A skeletal face oozing death stares into the party.

“Mortals, what business do you have with me? I merely want to give the gift of immortality to the writhing masses. As you can see from outside, a small town is now under my control.” The figure says.

After a quick moment, the Eladrin realizes the party’s folly. Their current opponent is a Lich. “What I want to do is for the betterment of the people. Their minds and freedom are a small price to pay for immortality…” The Lich creases a decrepit smile and swings his arms, unleashing a wave of darkness. The party manages to evade the attack. The fight is on. The Lich wades through the party member’s attacks. Damage is being done, but not enough. The Lich’s attacks fell the party one by one, bringing each closer to death.

As the last one falls, the Lich stops his assault. Looking around, a flicker of an idea forms in his eyes. He allows the party to live, barely.

Calmly, the Lich speaks, “Ahh, I feel your power, your potential. I don’t want to kill you any more. I want you to see. I want you to help me in bringing down the corruption that has taken hold in Roseland. Ichor stands to become a bastion for forces far more powerful than I. I only seek to stop it before I am ousted from my undead throne.”

With a surge of power the party is sucked into the ball of light. Sailing at impossible speeds, the Lich and adventurers are hurdled through the forest, back towards the town. Slowing down slightly, the party sees Wild Wood Borough burning. A fire pit trench surrounds the town, corpses fill it, but there is no sign of anyone still alive. The light beam originating from the blood sigils, pierces the sky.

Flying across the country side, the white walls of a city quickly come into view. “Here it is, the centre of corruption in this country. The capital city of Roseland, Ichor.” The Lich said. The group flew through the stone castle and past the king. His rugged features and glorious beard furrowed into a thinking gaze.

Suddenly, the party fell face first onto the floor of the throne room. The clanking of armored feet and surprised shouts surrounding them. “Surrender your arms and submit to the King’s mercy!” Then all went black.

The party awakens in separate cells in the same dungeon. Shouting objections and questions, the group is silenced when a man who is clearly the Warden steps into the room. His gloriously curled white moustache contrasted his battle-hardened face as he looked from adventurer to adventurer.

An interrogation commenced as the Warden demanded an explanation of who the party is and how they got there. The adventurers tell the Warden of a powerful Lich that threatens to unleash an undead horde onto Roseland and take over the country. Taking a moment to collect his thoughts, the Warden consults with the king and returns with a decree. The party is to track down this Lich and kill him on sight or die trying.

The king’s armies are being sent to the various townships at the other parts of the country to also try and find the Lich. However, the armies cannot be spread too thin, so the party is being sent to investigate the next town over from Wild Wood Borough.

Once the party “agreed” to the terms of the decree, the Warden released the members and sent them on their way. A squad of soldiers is ready to meet them when the adventurers are ready to leave.

The Goliath wished to purchase a carriage for himself so he can ride along with the party members as there is no horse big enough for his stature. He made his way to a post office and attempted to bribe the clerk for information and a bargain price for a carriage. This lost himself 2 pieces of gold and received no information.

The rest of the party is bargaining with a local blacksmith on what to purchase for armour and weapons. Due to the nature of Ichor, the blacksmith is quite racist towards this edgy group and short-changes them. However, after a short while, he eased on his harsh treatment and became a bit more fair.

The group sets off and meets with their appointed squad. The sergeant introduces himself and his squad and they immediately set off. A carriage was already prepared for the Goliath.

A few hours on the road, the party is ambushed by a giant spider, a specter, and a few skeletons. The party stands in an erry silence at the corpses of their adversaries.



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