Artisan of Ichor

Wild Wood Investigation

Session 1

And thus starts the campaign Artisan of Ichor.

Fredrick, a strange old man bursted into the tavern ranting about seeing the dead rise from their graves. The sheriff, skeptical, agrees to go investigate. However, by morning, he is nowhere to be seen. Complex symbols painted in blood are found at all 4 entrances of the town.

The mayor issues a 500gp reward for any party that could bring back the Sheriff and stop whatever is happening. Night falls and after a brief encounter with skeletons, the party finds the mangled and exsanguinated corpse of the Sheriff. Bringing the corpse back to the mayor, the party finds out that the symbols found in the town are symbols of sacrifice and reanimation in necromancy. There may be a necromancer that hid in the forests to the North of town.

Led into the forest by Fredrick, the party makes the long trek to their unknown destination. On the first night, they are ambushed by skeletons. Unfazed, the group continues onward.

Eventually, the group is stopped by a bandit that demanded 10gp from each of the party members. Instead of complying, fighting, or negotiating, the Goliath Rogue took it upon himself to give the bandit their 2 ponies, and a cart with travelling gear.

The Goliath then stealthily follows the bandits all the way back to their camp. Waiting until nightfall, the Goliath sneaks towards the camp and silently kills one of the sentries. Making his way to the other side of the camp, the Goliath closes in on the second sentry but fumbles the attack, allowing the sentry to call for help. By this time the rest of the party has found the camp, the rest of the bandits have awoken, drawing weapons.

The Eladrid Wizard incinerates 5 in a fiery burst. The Goliath Rogue kills a few with bladed attacks. The Dragonborn Fighter bears the brunt of bandit leader attacks, but manages to dish out significant damage. The Halfling Cleric manages to keep the party on its feet with healing.

The end of the fight left one bandit still alive who, after some interrogation, gave some information about a witch that stole their homes that may be in league with a necromancer. The bandit, Issac the Witch Hunter, only wanted the money to be able to sustain his tiny community that was left essentially homeless. Their plan being to raise enough money to build a more permanent home for the people.

Going into the camp to loot, the party enters the tents and finds groups of women and children, crying and terrified out of their minds. Finding very little to scavenge, the party makes their way towards the last known location of the witch. Travelling for a few hours, the group decides to make camp seeing as it may be far enough away from the atrocities they just committed.

Travelling onward, the group find the former home of the bandit. Sensing magic, the Wizard finds a sorcerous trap awaiting them. A spike pit utilizing the same symbol of power found in Wild Wood Borough.



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