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Welcome to my first D&D campaign! The Artisan of Ichor.

Ohhhhhhhh scary. The setting will be your usual fantasy adventure. No guns, no electronic gadgets, magic works, worshiping deities will give you powers, all the fun stuff.

Since this is my and your first Dungeons and Dragons campaign, I’m going to start us off easy and give you “inspiration”, during our sessions, on how to get your characters to survive the horrors I am going to put you through.

The Kingdom

There is going to be one country (a village and city) that you really need to know as a fully grown inhabitant of the kingdom. You are all citizens of the kingdom, Roseland, by kingdom, I also mean country. It is a mid-sized human country that largely worships Pelor, god of sun, light, strength and healing. However, it is not uncommon to see Dwarves, Elves, Half-elfs, and some magical beasts. The country is no stranger to war, its borders are surrounded by warmongering Orcs to the west and the bloodthirsty human tribes of the east. Much of Roseland, especially at its borders, is mountainous and so very difficult to send a sizeable force to try attacking any part of the country. This also serves as a way to isolate the country from the outside world, resulting in a self-centered population (particularly in the capital). The village you will be starting in is called Wildwood Borough. The capital city of Roseland is Ichor (ohhhhh plot importance).

Wildwood Borough is a backwater village with no more than a thousand inhabitants. It sits to the north of Ichor at the edge of a massive forest expanse known for harbouring criminals, monsters, and worse. The people of Wildwood Borough are a dreary lot, but are hardy and can work with what little they have. The village is quite poor. Because it sits so close to where monsters and raiders thrive, the threat of attack is constant and is always draining the village coffers. The leadership of Wildwood Borough consists of a single mayor and a committee of villager representatives that collectively report to the king in terms of taxes and communication.

The city of Ichor is the capital city of Roseland, and so enjoys all of the monetary benefits that it comes with. Ichor was the first city of Roseland since its founding over 600 years ago. Over the centuries of constantly being attacked, it has developed a very sophisticated defensive network both within the walls of the city, as well as plotted throughout the kingdom. Early warning signals, military routes, massive walls, etc. Within the past couple centuries, Ichor has developed a teleportation network (reserved only by the king’s orders) that is being tested within city limits. The implications of this is for the king to decide. The leadership of Ichor consists of King Marneus and his cabinet, advisors from defence to religion have his attention, to make, what he believes, educated decisions.

Main Page

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