Artisan of Ichor

Freedom to Choose
Session 4

In the cold dead of night, the corpse of the giant spider steamed. The bones of the skeletons lay still as the group went back to a convoy. Sleep came easy for the party and before they knew it, the sun was shining.

Hours passed and Sergeant Monrow looks troubled. Each of the party members look to the forest at their side, but their gaze always seems move back to the road.

“We should already be able to see Edgegate. Something is wrong, did we take a wrong turn?” Sergeant Monrow says.

Suspicious, Xaltuval focuses his Eladrin eyes and finds what appears to be the point where no one’s eyes seem to want to look at. “Hey, something is awry over there.” The wizard points out. The Sergeant sends over a couple of his men and they uncover an entrance to a dungeon.

The group enters the dungeon with Xyrthyra and Dangus in the lead. After only a few minutes, the group encounters four Blazing Skeletons, the battle is on. Two of the skeletons move forward and create a barrier of heat that bombards the Dragonborn and the Goliath. The other two throw fire balls into the fray.

Elyszchia slides between the two forward skeletons and knocks them to the ground. Taking that as a signal, Xyrthyra stomps her foot with great force that crushes the skull of a skeleton and then she swings her sword that shatters the spine of the other. The Sergeant and two soldiers fire magical blasts and crossbow bolts into the remaining skeletons. After a short while, the other two skeletons are dispatched without much incident.

The group moves on through the dungeon and come upon a trap. Xaltuval stops the group from triggering the trap. Dangus manages to safely disarm a trip wire, but the remaining trap takes the form of displaced floor tiles. They quickly find out that this trap is a poorly concealed pit. The group carefully makes their way across the ravine. However, two of the soldiers lose their grip and fall to their deaths. Dangus easily jumps across and Xaltuval uses his Fey step to get across.

Eventually, the remaining group makes their way to the centre of the dungeon. A single Wight shrieking in laughter is there to meet them.

“You are running out of time mortals. Your destination does not hold the one you are looking for. His armies attack Edgegate as we speak, but your target is at the Eastern Garrison, decisions, decisions. Save hundreds now, or let hundreds of thousands die later. Of course…you can just run.”

The Wight shrieks again and snaps her cold dead fingers. The King’s decree that binds the group burns in a green bale-flame and settles down as ash. The group starts debating on what to do. Sergeant Monrow is still adamant in going to Edgegate, as he has no reason to believe the words of the Wight. Dangus finds a chest, but as he approaches the room starts to shake. Spooked out after the fight with the Skeletons and the mysterious disappearance of the Wight, the group immediately leaves.

Coming upon the pit, one of the soldiers turn around and fires his crossbow. “We have movement!” He cries just as he is sliced apart by blades. A Tomb Guardian rounds the corner, its four arms each hold a blood soaked scimitar.

“For the love of all that is holy, move!” The Sergeant yells. The remaining members safely reach the other end of the pit. Dangus pulls out his hand crossbow and levels it at the Tomb Guardian, but then he slowly aims it at Sergeant Monrow. “Work with us, or die” He says as intimidating as he can, but Monrow would have none of it. “In the name of the king, die!” Monrow yells and swings his sword to attack Dangus. Dangus fires his hand crossbow, but doesn’t kill Monrow.

The group attacks itself, mostly centring around Dangus at the edge of the pit. The Tomb Guardian leaps across the pit and barrels into the throng, knocking over Dangus and the remaining three soldiers. The rest of the party is mere meters away. The Tomb Guardian is the first to react and bisects the nearest soldier. Dangus picks up Monrow, intending to throw him at the Skeleton and put them both over the pit, but the other soldier takes this opportunity to attack the Goliath.

The strike cuts deep into the Goliath and renders him unconscious. The sergeant falls nearly nine feet and breaks his neck in the fall, killing him instantly. The last soldier bull rushes the Guardian and pushes it into a wall. Xyrthyra tries to kick the Tomb Guardian, but it stops her. Its reaction heavily damages the Dragonborn’s armour.

Elyszchia heals Dangus and he instantly kicks at the legs of the Tomb Guardian, buckling its stance. The Eladrin tries to shoot down the skeleton, but barely marks the bone. Xyrthyra kicks the Tomb Guardian again and is successful, it falls back but smashes against the last soldier, sending him screaming to his death. A moist splat marks the end of his fall.

The Tomb Guardian lashes out and cuts down Dangus again, rendering the Goliath unconscious once more. In a moment of fearlessness, the Halfling makes a run for the Tomb Guardian, jumping into a drop kick. The Tomb Guardian is fast enough to catch the Cleric in mid air, but the momentum propels them both over into the pit. Reacting instantly, the Dragonborn throws a rope after them. The Tomb Guardian and Halfling catch the rope successfully.

Xyrthyra holds onto the rope with all her strength. Elyszchia attacks the Tomb Guardian, but does nothing. The Tomb Guardian ignores the Halfing and reaches up to grab the pit ledge. Its remaining arm swings at the Halfling. The Eladrin still attacks the Tomb Guardian, but the damage is just not enough.

Elyszchia kicks off her boot and frees herself from the grasp of the Tomb Guardian. She fires a lance of faith, but found her faith wanting. Xyrthyra still holds onto the rope. Eladrin then moves to Dangus and stabilizes him, but it is up to him to wake up. The Tomb Guardian drops the Halfling’s boot and grasps onto the ledge with another hand.

Xaltuval rushes to the ledge and picks up Elyszchia. The Dragonborn drops the rope and runs over to the ledge and starts stomping on one of the Tomb Guardian’s hands. Dangus awakens and jumps over to the ledge, but does not land on a skeletal hand. The Tomb Guardian tries, but unsuccessfully, to pull itself up.

Xaltuval leaps over the ledge, a scimitar missing its swing by a hair’s breadth, he lands on the back of the Tomb Guardian. The extra weight is too much for the Skeleton and it loses its grip on the ledge. Both the Tomb Guardian and Xaltuval start falling. At the last moment, the Eladrin Fey steps back onto the corridor floor and the party watches as the Tomb Guardian falls to its demise. The sound of shattering bone signals its end.

Xaltuval finds a mysterious holy symbol on the corpse of Sergeant Monrow. The rest of the party split the gold they loot and make their way back to the caravan. Now freed from the king’s decree, the party now has to make a choice. Try to save Roseland, the country that sees them as nothing close to heroes, or turn a blind eye and walk away, letting many thousands of innocents die.

Puppets of a Lich
Session 3

Just about to enter the cave, the party is stopped by a heavy tremor in the ground. A cacophony of unearthly screams filled their ears. Off to the south, a bright beam of light pierces the heavens. The screams stop. A deep, resounding laughter booms from the cave. The green light coming still glows bright. Only mildly faltering, the group tries to quietly enter the cave, until the Eladrin and Dragonborn clumsily alert the Necromancer to their presence. However, the Goliath still hides in the shadows.

A tall figure clad in a dark robe stands at the end of the cave. Arms raised and feeding sorcerous green lighting into a ball of light above a ritual circle. He slowly lowers his arms and turns around. A skeletal face oozing death stares into the party.

“Mortals, what business do you have with me? I merely want to give the gift of immortality to the writhing masses. As you can see from outside, a small town is now under my control.” The figure says.

After a quick moment, the Eladrin realizes the party’s folly. Their current opponent is a Lich. “What I want to do is for the betterment of the people. Their minds and freedom are a small price to pay for immortality…” The Lich creases a decrepit smile and swings his arms, unleashing a wave of darkness. The party manages to evade the attack. The fight is on. The Lich wades through the party member’s attacks. Damage is being done, but not enough. The Lich’s attacks fell the party one by one, bringing each closer to death.

As the last one falls, the Lich stops his assault. Looking around, a flicker of an idea forms in his eyes. He allows the party to live, barely.

Calmly, the Lich speaks, “Ahh, I feel your power, your potential. I don’t want to kill you any more. I want you to see. I want you to help me in bringing down the corruption that has taken hold in Roseland. Ichor stands to become a bastion for forces far more powerful than I. I only seek to stop it before I am ousted from my undead throne.”

With a surge of power the party is sucked into the ball of light. Sailing at impossible speeds, the Lich and adventurers are hurdled through the forest, back towards the town. Slowing down slightly, the party sees Wild Wood Borough burning. A fire pit trench surrounds the town, corpses fill it, but there is no sign of anyone still alive. The light beam originating from the blood sigils, pierces the sky.

Flying across the country side, the white walls of a city quickly come into view. “Here it is, the centre of corruption in this country. The capital city of Roseland, Ichor.” The Lich said. The group flew through the stone castle and past the king. His rugged features and glorious beard furrowed into a thinking gaze.

Suddenly, the party fell face first onto the floor of the throne room. The clanking of armored feet and surprised shouts surrounding them. “Surrender your arms and submit to the King’s mercy!” Then all went black.

The party awakens in separate cells in the same dungeon. Shouting objections and questions, the group is silenced when a man who is clearly the Warden steps into the room. His gloriously curled white moustache contrasted his battle-hardened face as he looked from adventurer to adventurer.

An interrogation commenced as the Warden demanded an explanation of who the party is and how they got there. The adventurers tell the Warden of a powerful Lich that threatens to unleash an undead horde onto Roseland and take over the country. Taking a moment to collect his thoughts, the Warden consults with the king and returns with a decree. The party is to track down this Lich and kill him on sight or die trying.

The king’s armies are being sent to the various townships at the other parts of the country to also try and find the Lich. However, the armies cannot be spread too thin, so the party is being sent to investigate the next town over from Wild Wood Borough.

Once the party “agreed” to the terms of the decree, the Warden released the members and sent them on their way. A squad of soldiers is ready to meet them when the adventurers are ready to leave.

The Goliath wished to purchase a carriage for himself so he can ride along with the party members as there is no horse big enough for his stature. He made his way to a post office and attempted to bribe the clerk for information and a bargain price for a carriage. This lost himself 2 pieces of gold and received no information.

The rest of the party is bargaining with a local blacksmith on what to purchase for armour and weapons. Due to the nature of Ichor, the blacksmith is quite racist towards this edgy group and short-changes them. However, after a short while, he eased on his harsh treatment and became a bit more fair.

The group sets off and meets with their appointed squad. The sergeant introduces himself and his squad and they immediately set off. A carriage was already prepared for the Goliath.

A few hours on the road, the party is ambushed by a giant spider, a specter, and a few skeletons. The party stands in an erry silence at the corpses of their adversaries.

On the Trail of the Necromancer
Session 2

The party is in the middle of a small village, the former home of Issac, poised to enter the largest hut where flashes of incandescent green light burst through the windows and chimney opening at irregular intervals. A bone chilling laugh is heard from inside.

Dangus Flannigan, the Goliath rogue, sneaks his way to the entrance of the hut and peaks inside. The floor is littered with piles of bone of various formerly living creatures. Blood soaks the floor boards, the corpses are fresh. At the other end of the hut, there stands a wight, churning a cauldron full of body parts. Unnoticed at the entrance, Flannigan meets up with the party and relays what he found. Unbeknownst to the party, the dead already march.

After some deliberation, the Rogue takes Xaltuval Clothezeter, the Eladrid wizard, with him to find out what the party will be dealing with. They find that the wight is starting a ritual to raise the dead, the purpose being most likely to attack the town. After more deliberation, the group decides to try and burn down the hut, hopefully killing the wight before completing the ritual. As the flint were drawn, zombies from the forest around them attacked, alerting the wight.

After a hard fought battle, the party was victorious. However, the wight escaped in a flash of light. Since the injuries from battle were quite serious, the group decided to camp in the hut. Just before they started to sleep, the group saw hundreds of undead marching south towards the town. Quickly finding Fredrick, they write a message for him to give to the mayor of Wild Wood to either defend themselves in the form of a moat of fire (Flannigan), or to just evacuate.

The morning came at last, the zombies passed the group without incident. Reasoning that they might be able to see where their end point might be, the group attempts to climb a tree. Elyszchia Ironhouse, the Halfling cleric, and Xyrthyra Moonshadow, the Dragonborn fighter, successfully make it to the first branches of the tree, 20 feet above the ground. Abandoning this idea from fear of heights, Moonshadow makes her way down, but Ironhouse falls off the branches. She is caught safely by Flannigan, but not before he quickly snags another 10gp from her pockets, completely unaware of the slight.

Continuing their journey north, the party is attacked by the wight and two human mages. The battle was intense, the Halfling and the Eladrid lost consciousness during the fight just before running down the surviving mage upon their recovery. After some interrogation, the party managed to convince the mage to give them information about the necromancer by allowing him to flee from his failure. The Halfling of the party is a sexy beast. However, the deceitful Rogue plunged a dagger into the throat of the mage, but not far enough to kill him. The mage started gurgling curses and looking at the party with eyes of hatred, the Dragonborn decapitated the human with a fell swoop of her blade. Instantly, the fighter turned and slammed the rogue’s jaw with her fist. A small argument ensued.

The party continued their journey north after a full rest. A few hours into the travel, they come upon a cave entrance with green light flashing out of the mouth and guarded by two statues. After a short battle with the Haemonculus, the party is positioned to enter the cave and confront the necromancer.

Note: The DM is also a very sexy beast.

Wild Wood Investigation
Session 1

And thus starts the campaign Artisan of Ichor.

Fredrick, a strange old man bursted into the tavern ranting about seeing the dead rise from their graves. The sheriff, skeptical, agrees to go investigate. However, by morning, he is nowhere to be seen. Complex symbols painted in blood are found at all 4 entrances of the town.

The mayor issues a 500gp reward for any party that could bring back the Sheriff and stop whatever is happening. Night falls and after a brief encounter with skeletons, the party finds the mangled and exsanguinated corpse of the Sheriff. Bringing the corpse back to the mayor, the party finds out that the symbols found in the town are symbols of sacrifice and reanimation in necromancy. There may be a necromancer that hid in the forests to the North of town.

Led into the forest by Fredrick, the party makes the long trek to their unknown destination. On the first night, they are ambushed by skeletons. Unfazed, the group continues onward.

Eventually, the group is stopped by a bandit that demanded 10gp from each of the party members. Instead of complying, fighting, or negotiating, the Goliath Rogue took it upon himself to give the bandit their 2 ponies, and a cart with travelling gear.

The Goliath then stealthily follows the bandits all the way back to their camp. Waiting until nightfall, the Goliath sneaks towards the camp and silently kills one of the sentries. Making his way to the other side of the camp, the Goliath closes in on the second sentry but fumbles the attack, allowing the sentry to call for help. By this time the rest of the party has found the camp, the rest of the bandits have awoken, drawing weapons.

The Eladrid Wizard incinerates 5 in a fiery burst. The Goliath Rogue kills a few with bladed attacks. The Dragonborn Fighter bears the brunt of bandit leader attacks, but manages to dish out significant damage. The Halfling Cleric manages to keep the party on its feet with healing.

The end of the fight left one bandit still alive who, after some interrogation, gave some information about a witch that stole their homes that may be in league with a necromancer. The bandit, Issac the Witch Hunter, only wanted the money to be able to sustain his tiny community that was left essentially homeless. Their plan being to raise enough money to build a more permanent home for the people.

Going into the camp to loot, the party enters the tents and finds groups of women and children, crying and terrified out of their minds. Finding very little to scavenge, the party makes their way towards the last known location of the witch. Travelling for a few hours, the group decides to make camp seeing as it may be far enough away from the atrocities they just committed.

Travelling onward, the group find the former home of the bandit. Sensing magic, the Wizard finds a sorcerous trap awaiting them. A spike pit utilizing the same symbol of power found in Wild Wood Borough.


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