Artisan of Ichor

On the Trail of the Necromancer

Session 2

The party is in the middle of a small village, the former home of Issac, poised to enter the largest hut where flashes of incandescent green light burst through the windows and chimney opening at irregular intervals. A bone chilling laugh is heard from inside.

Dangus Flannigan, the Goliath rogue, sneaks his way to the entrance of the hut and peaks inside. The floor is littered with piles of bone of various formerly living creatures. Blood soaks the floor boards, the corpses are fresh. At the other end of the hut, there stands a wight, churning a cauldron full of body parts. Unnoticed at the entrance, Flannigan meets up with the party and relays what he found. Unbeknownst to the party, the dead already march.

After some deliberation, the Rogue takes Xaltuval Clothezeter, the Eladrid wizard, with him to find out what the party will be dealing with. They find that the wight is starting a ritual to raise the dead, the purpose being most likely to attack the town. After more deliberation, the group decides to try and burn down the hut, hopefully killing the wight before completing the ritual. As the flint were drawn, zombies from the forest around them attacked, alerting the wight.

After a hard fought battle, the party was victorious. However, the wight escaped in a flash of light. Since the injuries from battle were quite serious, the group decided to camp in the hut. Just before they started to sleep, the group saw hundreds of undead marching south towards the town. Quickly finding Fredrick, they write a message for him to give to the mayor of Wild Wood to either defend themselves in the form of a moat of fire (Flannigan), or to just evacuate.

The morning came at last, the zombies passed the group without incident. Reasoning that they might be able to see where their end point might be, the group attempts to climb a tree. Elyszchia Ironhouse, the Halfling cleric, and Xyrthyra Moonshadow, the Dragonborn fighter, successfully make it to the first branches of the tree, 20 feet above the ground. Abandoning this idea from fear of heights, Moonshadow makes her way down, but Ironhouse falls off the branches. She is caught safely by Flannigan, but not before he quickly snags another 10gp from her pockets, completely unaware of the slight.

Continuing their journey north, the party is attacked by the wight and two human mages. The battle was intense, the Halfling and the Eladrid lost consciousness during the fight just before running down the surviving mage upon their recovery. After some interrogation, the party managed to convince the mage to give them information about the necromancer by allowing him to flee from his failure. The Halfling of the party is a sexy beast. However, the deceitful Rogue plunged a dagger into the throat of the mage, but not far enough to kill him. The mage started gurgling curses and looking at the party with eyes of hatred, the Dragonborn decapitated the human with a fell swoop of her blade. Instantly, the fighter turned and slammed the rogue’s jaw with her fist. A small argument ensued.

The party continued their journey north after a full rest. A few hours into the travel, they come upon a cave entrance with green light flashing out of the mouth and guarded by two statues. After a short battle with the Haemonculus, the party is positioned to enter the cave and confront the necromancer.

Note: The DM is also a very sexy beast.



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